In an older-woman-and-younger-man legal romance She and Her Perfect Husband>, Xu Kai () and Yang Mi () are raising expectations with their chemistry. A trailer for the film’s October 13 premiere was just released, and it has already received 2.48 million views in less than a day. Xu Kai was also seen placing his face against Yang Mi’s chest during three kiss scenes!She and Her Husband is a marriage-first, love-later story about professional lawyer Qin Shi (Yang Mi) who is constantly pressured by her family to marry before it is too late. When a position at top law firm Cheng and Hui becomes available, Qin Shi’s brother Qin Wei believes his single sister meets all requirements except being married.He secretly changes Qin Shi’s marital status on her job application to “married” without her knowledge. Qin Shi realizes her brother’s scheme after being offered a position as a legal counsel. Before she can confess, her “fake husband,” Yang Hua (Xu Kai), appears and asks for assistance in escaping his mother’s matchmaking efforts.Qin Shi and Yang Hua decide to marry because they both need a partner to appease their families. When the consequences come crashing down on them, Qin Shi and Yang Hua realize their growing love for each other.

While some viewers were concerned about the compatibility of Xu Kai and Yang Mi, they felt the searing heat after watching the trailer. “I was very concerned about this collaboration,” they said, “but their characters are very different.” Xu Kui appears to be a young and inexperienced man, whereas Yang Mi appears to be strong and powerful.” “Yang Mi and Xu Kai unexpectedly complement each other! “I’m most looking forward to the kiss scenes!” “In addition, the trailer is so generous that they revealed three kiss scenes.” “I can’t wait for the broadcast!”A behind-the-scenes photo revealed the couple filming a hugging scene. Xu Kai sat down while urgently hugging Yang Mi, who was standing. Fans supported the actor despite Xu Kai’s head being placed against Yang Mi’s chest, but surprisingly urged Yang Mi to be more cautious with such scenes because she is already a mother in real life.

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