Accidental Love (tentatively named)> is a book-to-TV adaptation that narrates the romantic conflicts of a top financial journalist and a cold, overbearing male protagonist, with leads rumored to be Bai Lu () and rising actor Dylan Wang ()!The plot revolves around Zheng Shuyi (Bai Lu), a financial magazine journalist whose boyfriend, who is also her first love, cheats on her just as her career takes off. Unhappy in love, she is determined to advance in her career, but she discovers that an interview candidate Shi Yan (Dylan Wang), CEO of a company, is actually the uncle of the woman who is now with her ex-boyfriend.While no official word on the cast has been released, Dylan Wang’s management confirmed his participation in a midnight post update, revealing that the production crew had contacted him in July. According to the team, one of Dylan’s social posts soliciting fan feedback on recommended novels with an overbearing male lead piqued the production crew’s interest, as one of the works discussed happened to be Accidental Love.Formerly seen on variety shows, this is the pair’s first drama collaboration, helmed by a strong production team that includes director Guo Hu (), who was behind One and Only> and Immortal Samsara>, and scriptwriter Yang Qianzi (), who was behind The Legends> and Princess of Lanling King>.Disagreement Over “First Lead”With his role as a powerful demon in Love Between Fairy and Devil (), Dylan Wang’s fans were disappointed when rumors began to circulate that their idol would play second fiddle to Bai Lu’s first lead in Accidental Love. The outpouring of rage against the production team and the actor’s management team was so intense that Bai Lu’s manager Yu Zheng () publicly stated that he would “never stoop as low as snatching casting positions!”

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