Actress Uee recently sat down for an insightful conversation about her upcoming drama, “Live Your Own Life.”

“Live Your Own Life” revolves around the warm-hearted and nurturing Lee Hyo Shim, portrayed by Uee. She has dedicated her entire life to taking care of her somewhat dependent family. However, a turning point prompts Lee Hyo Shim to summon the courage to embark on her own life journey, challenging her family members to become more self-sufficient as well.

For Uee, this drama marks her return to weekend dramas after a four-year hiatus, and she expressed a mix of excitement and nervousness about her comeback.

“I’m thrilled to present a new facet of myself,” she shared. “But, on the other hand, it’s a significant responsibility as I’ll be leading a 50-episode drama.”

When asked what attracted her to the character of Lee Hyo Shim, Uee highlighted the character’s “healthy” personality.

“I find her cheerful and optimistic nature very appealing,” she explained. “She has a deep love for her mother and carries a strong sense of responsibility, dedicating herself to her family. Nevertheless, she also possesses a dignified and filial disposition, never hesitating to speak her mind.”

Known for her dedication to health and fitness, Uee’s commitment came in handy while portraying Lee Hyo Shim, who is also a fitness trainer. She shared her rigorous routine, which included personal training five times a week and learning how to engage different muscle groups, resulting in her portrayal of Lee Hyo Shim as a top-notch fitness trainer with a well-toned physique.

In her quest for authenticity, Uee observed real fitness trainers and their teaching methods, focusing on when and how to provide encouragement effectively.

“I studied which aspects to emphasize and the right timing for cheers and praise to motivate students,” she revealed.

Uee also expressed her passion for the theme of independence that her character yearns for in the series.

“True independence is when both you and your family lead your lives independently, relying on your own strengths,” she emphasized. “If I were Lee Hyo Shim, I’d aspire to live a life free from sacrifices or commitments, allowing me to prioritize my own desires and take full responsibility for my choices.”

When asked about her perspective on the term “self-reliance,” Uee shared her belief in a life where personal happiness takes precedence, and individuals hold themselves accountable for their decisions, unaffected by external influences.

“Live Your Own Life” is set to premiere on September 16 at 8:05 p.m. KST, promising an engaging exploration of these themes and Uee’s remarkable portrayal of Lee Hyo Shim’s journey towards independence.

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