The upcoming drama, “The Worst of Evil,” has just unveiled an exciting trailer and a fresh poster!

This gripping crime-action series is set against the backdrop of the 1990s and revolves around a high-stakes investigation aimed at dismantling a powerful cartel operating out of Gangnam. This cartel is responsible for the illicit drug trade connecting Korea, Japan, and China.

In this thrilling series, Ji Chang Wook takes on the role of Park Joon Mo, a daring detective who embarks on a perilous undercover mission to infiltrate the notorious Gangnam Alliance and gain the trust of its ruthless leader, Jung Ki Chul, portrayed by Wi Ha Joon. Jung Ki Chul is a relentless mob boss who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and their paths collide head-on in the midst of a high-stakes operation, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

Joining Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon is Im Se Mi, who plays the role of Yoo Eui Jung, an accomplished narcotics officer. She also happens to be Park Joon Mo’s wife and Jung Ki Chul’s first love, adding a complex layer to the story. Additionally, BIBI takes on the role of Hae Ryun, a character with a pivotal role in the distribution of drugs from a Chinese factory.

The newly revealed poster perfectly encapsulates the essence of the show. Park Joon Mo, the fearless detective embroiled in a high-risk mission, gazes into the distance, his expression hinting at the challenges he faces and piquing viewers’ curiosity about the trials ahead. On the other hand, Jung Ki Chul, the ambitious leader who rises to power within the criminal organization known as the Gangnam Alliance, exudes charisma in his portrayal. The poster’s lower section hints at an intense confrontation in a narrow corridor, intensifying the anticipation for the drama’s thrilling twists and turns.

The newly unveiled trailer provides a thrilling glimpse into the unfolding drama. It all starts with Joon Mo faced with an offer too compelling to turn down, thrusting him headfirst into a perilous mission. In one gripping sequence, Joon Mo finds himself in the midst of a crisis, a pivotal moment in his quest to earn the trust of Gangnam Alliance’s formidable boss, Ki Chul. Amidst the intense fighting and bloodshed, Joon Mo appears to make strides in winning Ki Chul’s favor, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, pondering the intriguing twists yet to come.

Another captivating scene introduces us to Yoo Eui Jung, an elite police officer who’s determined to take matters into her own hands. Her words, “I’d be happy to meet with Ki Chul and play mind games with him, if that will make this crazy investigation end quickly,” hint at her willingness to further plunge the investigation into chaos.

The trailer also sheds light on Hae Ryun, a crucial figure in the cartel’s distribution network. As her feelings for Joon Mo undergo an unexpected transformation, she promises to add a layer of complexity to the web of relationships between our characters, keeping the audience guessing.

In a poignant moment, Joon Mo quietly murmurs to himself, “I can go back, I can go back,” sparking curiosity about the emotional storm and difficult choices that lie ahead for him. These snippets from the trailer leave us eager to dive into the series and uncover the thrilling narrative that awaits.

To experience the full intensity of the trailer, check it out below!

“The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27.

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