MBC has confirmed the possibility of filming additional scenes for “My Dearest.”

On November 4, a news outlet reported that “My Dearest,” which is currently in extension talks, did not intend to hold any additional shoots even if the drama was extended.

MBC flatly denied the report the next morning, stating, “The question of whether our Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Dearest’ will hold additional shoots depends on whether the drama is extended.” If it is decided that the drama will be extended, additional shoots may take place, so it is impossible to say that no additional shoots will take place. There is currently the possibility of additional shoots [for the drama].”

“As we previously announced, we are currently discussing the possibility of extending ‘My Dearest,’ and the outlook is favorable,” the network added. Many people are thinking of a one-episode extension due to the programming schedule for the drama following [‘My Dearest,’ but a two-episode extension is also possible.”

“Ultimately, whether the drama holds additional shoots will be decided based on whether there is an extension and for how many episodes,” the team said. “If the drama is extended, of course there will be additional filming to match the [extended] runtime.”

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