The artist’s agency has denied recent allegations leveled against him.

Lee Seung Gi recently performed at Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center on August 30. According to a local Korean news outlet, Lee Seung Gi canceled his planned visit to a restaurant that sponsored the concert.

In response to the report, Lee Seung Gi’s agency HUMANMADE clarified the situation by explaining how a misunderstanding occurred, resulting in his visit to the restaurant being revealed to the public. “Although there was a verbal agreement to take a photo with the employees,” they explained, “it was advertised on social media like an event.”

The following statement was issued by the agency on September 4:

Hello. This is HUMANMADE.

This is our position regarding our artist Lee Seung Gi’s concert in the United States.

First, we would like to inform you about the fan service controversy. HUMANMADE and Lee Seung Gi never agreed to any form of fan meeting being held at the restaurant. The relationship of the restaurant [being a] sponsor was carried out by a local performance agency. Moreover, we are completely unaware of the details of the contract between them, and we would like to inform you that the artist and our agency have absolutely nothing to do with it, especially in the financial aspect.

We express our regret that [reports] maliciously tried to damage the artist by labeling some of the staff and their acquaintances who were at the restaurant on that day as those who represent all Koreans living in the United States.

Lee Seung Gi is always deeply grateful to fans who come to his concerts and fans who always show interest and support him. Our agency and Lee Seung Gi will continue to do our best to prevent any misunderstandings with fans. Thank you.

Lee Seung Gi previously began his “The Dreamer’s Dream – Chapter 2” tour in May. He performed in Los Angeles on August 26 and Atlanta on August 30 as part of his U.S. tour. Although a concert was scheduled to take place in New Jersey, it was canceled due to venue issues.

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