New stills of Kim Yoo Jung from SBS’s upcoming drama “My Demon” have been released!

“My Demon” is a fantasy rom-com about Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung), a demon-like chaebol heiress, and Jung Gu Won (Song Kang), a demon who loses his powers after entering a contractual marriage.

Do Do Hee, the heiress to Mirae Group who doesn’t trust anyone and falls in love with a demon, will be played by Kim Yoo Jung. Do Do Hee learned the ways of the world and became cold-hearted as a result of having survived while surrounded by enemies. When it comes to love, she is also cynical. Do Do Hee’s life changes dramatically after signing a contract with the demon Gu Won, raising the question of whether Gu Won will become Do Hee’s savior (Gu Won also means “savior” in Korean).

Kim Yoo Jung as Do Do Hee captivates in the newly released stills with her elegance and cold charisma. Do Hee, the CEO of Mirae Group’s subsidiary Mirae F&B, appears professional while performing her duties. Do Hee became a workaholic CEO who only knows about work after being hard on herself in order to survive while being treated as a stranger among the children of Mirae Group’s chairwoman Joo Cheon Sook (Kim Hae Sook).

Furthermore, at an event, Do Do Hee captivates with her extravagant aura, despite someone making an effort to greet her. Another image of her on a dais shows her smiling confidently.

Kim Yoo Jung explained her decision to appear in the film, saying, “The story, surrounding figures, and chemistry of the character Do Do Hee are interesting, and the other characters felt charming.” The project’s most endearing moments will be Do Do Hee and Jung Gu Won’s push and pull moments as they try not to get caught by each other.”

“Do Do Hee is a character who appears cynical and cool on the outside but is actually lonely,” Kim Yoo Jung continued. I worked hard to convey how Do Hee lived in order to protect herself in various ways.” Kim Yoo Jung chose “blessing in disguise” as a key phrase for Do Do Hee, explaining, “Do Hee experiences many events after meeting Gu Won, so please check through the broadcast why I picked the key phrase ‘blessing in disguise.'”

The new Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon” will debut on SBS on November 24 at 10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more information!

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