The new poster for Netflix’s upcoming drama “Black Knight” has caught viewers’ attention!

“Black Knight,” based on a webtoon, takes place in 2071, when pollution has become so severe that people can’t survive without respirators, and tells the story of legendary deliveryman 5-8, who has extraordinary fighting skills, meeting refugee Sa Wol, who dreams of becoming a deliveryman because they are the refugees’ only hope. As Korea desertifies, the remaining 1% of humanity has become stratified, and deliverymen have come to play a critical role in society. Kim Woo Bin will play the legendary deliveryman 5-8, against whom no one can stand.

At first glance, the newly released poster depicts a desolate world covered in sand. An unclaimed oxygen respirator takes center stage in the poster, against a backdrop of collapsed skyscrapers, as if it is a key piece in this devastated land. Behind the respirator, a person presumed to be a deliveryman is approaching with a box in his hands, raising viewers’ curiosity about the stories that will unfold in this extreme situation.

“Black Knight” is scheduled to premiere in the second quarter of 2023. Stay tuned!

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