The cast of “Delivery Man” has teased what viewers can expect from tonight’s premiere!

“Delivery Man” is a new drama about a taxi driver who only gives rides to ghosts (played by Yoon Chan Young) and a ghost with memory loss (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah) who work together to solve crimes. Kim Min Seok will play Do Gyu Jin, an overworked emergency room doctor who ends up assisting the unusual crime-solving duo.

With the first episode of the drama airing tonight, here are three reasons to tune in:

1. The chemistry between the leads

Minah expressed confidence in the entertaining dynamic between her character and Yoon Chan Young’s, saying, “From the very first time the two characters meet, the [story] is special, fun, and interesting. I think it’s important to watch how their relationship evolves from taxi driver and passenger to business partners.”

2. The unique premise

In “Delivery Man,” Yoon Chan Young will play Seo Young Min, a taxi driver who meets Kang Ji Hyun, a ghost who can’t remember her own identity. When she becomes mysteriously attached to Seo Young Min’s taxi, she joins forces with him to launch a ghost-only taxi service—as well as solve cases on behalf of their passengers.

“Through the collaboration with spirits and the story of comforting other ghosts, the drama makes you think one more time about how we should live our lives, which we only have one chance to live,” director Kang Sol said of the series’ message.

3. The fun mix of genres

“Delivery Man” has it all, from thriller to romance, comedy to human emotion. Seo Young Min and Kang Ji Hyun will touch viewers’ hearts as they fulfill the unfulfilled wishes of ghosts with sad stories to tell, but there will also be mystery and thrills as they solve crimes and track down the perpetrators. Finally, the drama will feature plenty of sweet and spicy romance between the unlikely leads.

“The meeting of Seo Young Min and Kang Ji Hyun gives rise to the unexpected event of the creation of a ghost-only taxi service,” Yoon Chan Young said. They overcome hardships and obstacles while serving, come to understand one another, and fall in love.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Seok teased, “Even though the drama is fun and delightful, there’s also sadness in there, and it can be very moving. Furthermore, it keeps you intrigued.”

Finally, ahead of the drama’s premiere, each of the three leads shared messages for viewers.

“[‘Delivery Man’] is a heartwarming and fun drama that we all worked hard on,” Yoon Chan Young said. I hope you enjoy watching it and that it brings you joy. “I, for one, am really looking forward to it.”

“Together with the director and writer, the entire cast and crew worked hard during filming so that ‘Delivery Man’ could bring viewers laughter, joy, and touching moments,” Minah added. In keeping with the title, I hope our sincere hearts are well ‘delivered’ to viewers. Please show your support and interest in our drama.”

“The entire cast and crew had a lot of fun during filming, even though they worked hard and suffered a lot,” Kim Min Seok concluded. Above all, I’m personally very excited and happy to be able to greet you through a touching drama with unexpected twists. Please look forward to it and show Do Gyu Jin a lot of love.”

“Delivery Man” will be available with subtitles on March 1st.

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