More actors have been cast in Lee Young Ae’s upcoming drama “Maestra” (literal title).
“Maestra” on tvN is based on the same-named French work, which depicts the trials and tribulations of a female orchestra conductor who does her best to investigate the various mysteries that occur within the orchestra. While conductor Cha Se Eum is brave enough to live like there’s no tomorrow and in a position that many aspire to, a secret she keeps from everyone turns her life upside down.
Lee Young Ae’s agency confirmed in November that the actress would appear in “Maestra” as Cha Se Eum. On May 4, tvN announced the castings of Lee Moo Saeng, Hwang Bo Reum Byul, Kim Young Jae, and Park Ho San.

Lee Young Ae’s persona Cha Se Eum is a passionate former violinist and current orchestra conductor who is regarded as a classical music superstar all over the world. Cha Se Eum is an on-stage leader who captivates both performers and audience members with her bold and determined personality.

Lee Moo Saeng will play investment tycoon Yoo Jung Jae, the chairman of UC Financial with an uncanny ability to see through people.

Lee Ru Na, a new member of the Han River Philharmonic Orchestra, is played by Hwang Bo Reum Byul. Lee Ru Na is a sweetly passionate character who works tirelessly to prove her talent.

Cha Se Eum’s husband, Kim Pil, will be played by Kim Young Jae. While he is affectionate and thoughtful, a part of him feels inferior to his wife Cha Se Eum, whose career is flourishing. Keep watching to see how his inferiority complex affects his relationship with Cha Se Eum!

Last but not least, Park Ho San will play Jeon Sang Do, the cheerful and quick-witted CEO of the Han River Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite the orchestra’s peril, he confidently leads his team with his knowledge and love of orchestral music.

The broadcast schedule for “Maestra” on tvN is still being worked out.

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