Several celebrities have made significant contributions in honor of Children’s Day, a national holiday observed in Korea on May 5.

Park Bo Young made her tenth annual donation to the Seoul Children’s Hospital earlier this week through the Future for Youth foundation. Park Bo Young’s donation of 100 million won (approximately $75,800) will go toward improving art therapy for children with developmental disabilities at this hospital.

Since 2014, Park Bo Young has had a close relationship with Seoul Children’s Hospital. Over the last ten years, the actress has given over 250 million won (about $189,700) to fund treatment devices, air conditioners, air purifiers, and patients’ medical costs. Park Bo Young has volunteered at the children’s hospital for nearly 120 hours in addition to making consistent donations.

Lee Jong Suk donated 100 million won to Asan Medical Center’s children’s hospital on May 3. His donation is said to include proceeds from a bazaar held by Lee Jong Suk late last month, and it will be used to cover medical expenses for pediatric patients from low-income families.

Kim Go Eun’s agency, BH Entertainment, reports that the actress donated 50 million won (approximately $37,900) to the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. This is Kim Go Eun’s third annual donation since 2021, and the funds will be used to treat children from low-income families who have severe or chronic illnesses.

On May 4, The Snail of Love, a community welfare organization, revealed that EXO’s Chanyeol had donated 20 million won (approximately $15,200) in support of children with hearing impairments. Chanyeol’s contribution will pay for cochlear implant surgery and speech therapy for two hearing-impaired children.

On the same day, IU presented a meaningful gift to the students of Milal School, a special school for disabled children. IU provided a lunch of pizza and drinks, as well as rice cakes she made with her mother, for both the students and teachers at Milal School. Last month, IU collaborated on “One Step,” a song conveying a hopeful message to children with disabilities, with Milal School students and songwriter Jehwi (who co-wrote IU’s “Through the Night”).

IU also donated 100 million won to ChildFund Korea, which has stated that the money will be used to help disabled children, single parents, and children raised by their grandparents. IU has made annual donations to ChildFund Korea since 2015.

IU posted a donation certificate on Twitter, indicating that the donation was made under the meaningful name “IUAENA,” a combination of IU and her fan club UAENA. “With my hope to become a sturdy umbrella for a tender heart on a rainy day like today,” she captioned the photo. I feel the warm spring even on rainy days because I am with UAENA, who is like sunshine in May.”

On May 5, actor Lee Byung Hun donated 100 million won to Asan Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital in support of young children and adolescents. Lee Byung Hun’s donation will go towards integrated medical services that can help alleviate pain and improve quality of life for young patients and their families, in addition to funding medical fees for children whose families are experiencing financial difficulties.

Lee Seung Gi surprised young patients at the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital on Children’s Day with a surprise performance. According to the hospital, Lee Seung Gi performed for patients on May 3rd in the afternoon to bring them joy and courage on their special day. According to reports, nearly 250 people attended his surprise event, including patients, family members, and hospital personnel.

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