Yoon Kyung Sang will be making a comeback to the small screen as a detective!

His latest drama “Rose Mansion” (literal translation) is set in a reconstructed apartment and follows Ji Na (Lim Ji Yeon) as she investigates her sister’s disappearance. She is joined by detective Min Soo (Yoon Kyun Sang) as they investigate suspicious neighbors who hide their greed behind ordinary appearances and uncover unexpected truths.

Min Soo, played by Yoon Kyun Sang, is a violent crimes detective who is persistent and will not give up on a case until it is solved. He’s sweet and charming, and as he assists Ji Na in finding her sister, he’ll fall into an unknown swam of confusion surrounded by suspicious people.

Min Soo’s charms are on display in the newly released stills. He greets civilians with a friendly smile, but when he’s on the hunt for criminals, his expression is dark and intense. Despite the pouring rain, he searches his surroundings intently, and the frown on his face piques curiosity about what kind of unusual event he has encountered.

“Min Soo is a hot-blooded detective who jumps in with both feet once he gets a hunch,” Yoon Kyun Sang said of his character. He is, however, delicate and warm-hearted. He cares more about the’sound of heart’ than anyone else on the planet.”

He went on to say that Min Soo has a unique blend of sweetness, meticulousness, tenderness, and precision that no one else possesses, and that he is intent on constantly displaying his delicate emotions. “I thought a lot about how to show his secret and inner self through action,” he added.

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