Episodes 7 and 8 of “Our Blues” will follow the story of high school couple Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun Sung) and Bang Young Joo (Noh Yoon Seo), who are secretly dating despite the fact that their fathers despise each other. The preview revealed that Jung In Kwon (Park Ji Hwan) and Bang Ho Shik (Choi Young Joon) will learn about their children’s relationship for the first time, and all eyes are on how the two enemies will handle the situation.

Jung In Kwon is a harsh father who never expresses affection for his son. He was a former gangster who divorced his wife and is raising his child on his own. Bang Ho Shik has one thing in common with him: he is also a single father. He is, however, sweet and attentive to his one and only daughter, but newly released stills indicate that he will not be so generous this time.

The two fathers express their anger and sadness in different ways in the photos. Jung In Kwon stares at Jung Hyun in disbelief, and tension is palpable as both refuse to back down. Bang Young is sobbing uncontrollably, and Bang Ho Shik is sobbing uncontrollably.

The two antagonists’ mysterious past will also be depicted in the upcoming episodes. “Park Ji Hwan and Choi Young Joon will portray the hot-blooded story of the two fathers and increase immersion and empathy,” the production team said. Their acting abilities will shine as they portray the inner lives of fathers who are struggling to raise their children, as well as the explosive conflicts between them. Please show a lot of interest and love for the ‘In Kwon and Ho Shik’ episode.”

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