The drama will come to a close this weekend, but a new sneak peek revealed that there is still room for more conflict!

Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) and Seo Dong Ma (

Boo Bae) went on a sweet honeymoon in the previous episode, and it was revealed that she is pregnant with their child. Everything appeared to be going well, but Ms. Choi (Park Jung Eon), the Seo family’s housekeeper, is not so friendly.

Sa Pi Young and Ms. Choi are seen arguing in new stills. One photo shows Sa Pi Young and Boo Bae returning home from their romantic honeymoon. When Boo Bae is gone, however, Sa Pi Young and Ms. Choi will engage in an icy battle of nerves. However, it is expected that Sa Pi Young, who cannot keep her words to herself, will not let Ms. Choi walk all over her. Ms. Choi and the other two maids had previously mocked Sa Pi Young and Lee Si Eun (Jun Soo Kyung), particularly for their wealth and age. The way Sa Pi Young and Lee Si Eun deal with the obnoxious housekeepers who look down on them is highly anticipated.

Park Joo Mi, who arrived on the set with a bright smile, approached Park Jung Eon first and talked to her to relieve her tension. They exchanged serious opinions about the scene while remaining calmly focused on their characters’ emotions. The two actresses were completely immersed in their roles, creating a tense moment with a heated confrontation.

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