“Sh**ting Stars” is a romantic comedy about people who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry cleaning up after the stars. The drama depicts the realistic story of people who stand behind celebrities and shed blood, sweat, and tears to make them shine brightly like stars in the sky. Lee Sung Kyung plays Oh Han Byul, the head of the PR team at an entertainment agency, and Kim Young Dae plays flawless top star Gong Tae Sung in the romantic comedy.

Previously on “Sh**ting Stars,” Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung’s love-hate relationship made viewers laugh. Gong Tae Sung refused to take a stress test, but Oh Han Byul became concerned when she discovered that his stress index was dangerously high. Gong Tae Sung appeared to be about to faint at the end of the episode, causing Oh Han Byul to panic.

Oh Han Byul was spotted on the set of Gong Tae Sung’s new drama “The World of Stars” with a coffee truck, according to newly released stills. They make eye contact and stand next to each other in the coffee truck, exuding sweet vibes that were never there before. He looks at her with adoring eyes and a gentle smile, and Oh Han Byul’s expression suggests that he has made her heart flutter. The two had a falling out whenever they met, so it will be interesting to see why she went to his drama set and how their relationship will begin to change.

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