Do you want to watch a drama that will make you feel good? Then “Hi Venus,” the latest modern romance C-drama, might be for you! The plot revolves around Ye Shi Lan (Liang Jie), a pediatrician who works as part of a social welfare program in a remote village. She has been waiting for her summons to An Xing Hospital. Shi Lan has an unusual meeting with Lu Zhao Xi (Joseph Zeng), the newly elected CEO of An Xing Hospital, one day. Shi Lan does not believe Zhao Xi is the new CEO due to a mistaken identity mix-up, resulting in a rocky start to their relationship. Shi Lan later returns to An Xing Hospital and is assigned as Zhao Xi’s temporary assistant. The two eventually put their differences behind them and begin to develop mutual respect and understanding for one another.

On the surface, “Hi Venus” appears to be your typical rich CEO and poor girl office romance drama, but it’s a stress-free watch that foregoes toxic exes, disapproving meddling parents, and ridiculous misunderstandings. Instead, the drama’s most endearing qualities are its depiction of healthy relationships, relatable and engaging characters, and wonderfully written dialogue that is both humorous and inspiring. Although the plot is simple, “Hi Venus” provides a lot of positive vibes, making you want more as a drama viewer. In addition, screenwriter Wang Xiong Cheng, whose previous works include the popular dramas “Go Ahead,” “The Day of Becoming You,” and “Find Yourself,” has written the story. If this isn’t enough to persuade you, consider these other compelling reasons to add “Hi Venus” to your watch list!

Relatable female lead

Ye Shi Lan, our female lead, is a pediatrician at An Xing Hospital who is temporarily working at Taoyuan Clinic in a remote mountainous village. She is strong and independent, with a strong sense of responsibility for her patients. Shi Lan is considered unsociable because she despises workplace gossip and sucking up to colleagues and superiors. Many drama viewers will identify with Ye Shi Lan; she is insecure, guarded, and has low self-esteem and trust issues as a result of her unfortunate family background. Despite her cold exterior, she is a gentle and kind person with a strong sense of justice.

What’s great about “Hi Venus” is seeing Shi Lan’s character develop throughout the drama as she gradually becomes more self-assured, vibrant, and outgoing. Not only is she self-aware of her flaws, but she also learns from her mistakes and is not afraid to admit them and ask for forgiveness. As viewers, we enjoy seeing Shi Lan grow into a better version of herself, with a clearer sense of purpose in life and a greater love for herself. It’s impossible not to root for Shi Lan!

Warmhearted and positive male

Lu Zhao Xi, the newly appointed CEO of An Xing Hospital, is our next male lead. Zhao Xi is the polar opposite of the aloof, arrogant, and overbearing CEOs seen in most dramas. In fact, he is a thoughtful, warm-hearted, and sensible man. “Hi Venus” sets an exceptionally high standard for male lead characters. Zhao Xi not only had a good upbringing, but his parents also raised him well, making him thoughtful, empathetic, and open-minded. What is most refreshing about Zhao Xi is that he recognizes the privilege of coming from a wealthy family and strives to manage An Xing Hospital to the best of his ability. Despite his stellar credentials, he maintains a humble, respectful, and down-to-earth demeanor. He even has good relationships with his parents, friends, and coworkers. Zhao Xi is the type of person that everyone should have in their life.

OTP: Opposites attract

The relationship of this OTP can be described as opposites attract. Lu Zhao Xi is an outgoing and optimistic person, whereas Ye Shi Lan is introverted and reserved with a more pessimistic outlook. They do, however, perfectly balance each other and inspire each other to become better people. “Hi Venus” does an excellent job of depicting an organic story of two people falling in love. They begin as strangers, overcome false first impressions, develop a friendship, and eventually become a romantic couple. Despite their differences, Zhao Xi and Shi Lan are both mature and reasonable adults who complement and understand one another. Communication is essential in their relationship, and they frequently engage in meaningful conversations full of flirty banter, warm teasing, and thought-provoking exchanges.

Our OTP also addresses the elephant in the room: the glaring power disparity between Zhao Xi and Shi Lan. One of Shi Lan’s major concerns about being in a relationship with Zhao Xi is that she is not as financially secure as he is. Shi Lan not only mentions this directly, but Zhao Xi also acknowledges her insecurity and assures her that he understands and accepts it. The best aspect of their relationship is that they admire, empathize, and respect each other. Zhao Xi takes his time breaking through Shi Lan’s stone walls, but he does so with sincerity and patience. Shi Lan refers to Zhao Xi as her savior (her Venus), but Zhao Xi points out that she is her own savior and that he is merely a spectator.

Adorable secondary couple

The two supporting characters Lin Kai Wen (Zhou Zi Han) and Yao Jia Jia are also highlights of “Hi Venus” (Li Lin Fei). Lin Kai Wen works as Lu Zhao Shi’s personal assistant. He is a serious, diligent, and straightforward individual. Lin Kai Wen may appear calm and rational, but he has a secret hobby of reading online romance novels. He is also Lu Zhao Shi’s relationship advisor, as he uses his romance novel knowledge to deduce his boss’s relationship status with Ye Shi Lan.

Yao Jia Jia, on the other hand, is Ye Shi Lan’s best friend and housemate, with a cheerful and optimistic personality. She is an online romance novelist who works at a coffee shop, where she likes to observe customers to get ideas for her writing. Yao Jia Jia, like Lin Kai Wen, is a love consultant for Ye Shi Lan, providing interesting advice and insights.

Kai Wen is a regular at the coffee shop where Jia Jia works. Jia Jia observes Kai Wen and draws inspiration for a character in her novel from him. Kai Wen, unbeknownst to Jia Jia, is an avid reader of her online novel and discovers he is portrayed as a villain in the story. He confronts Jia Jia and forces her to alter the plot. Their relationship has a rocky start, but the two quickly become good friends, with Kai Wen even offering to be her agent in order to promote her novels. As the pair grows closer, feelings develop, and they eventually become a couple. Lin Kai Wen and Yao Jia Jia are an endearing secondary couple who transition from friends to lovers through mutual respect, understanding, and affection. Both are extremely perceptive and intelligent, providing enormous support and guidance to the main couple.

Lovely OST

No drama is complete without a beautiful soundtrack to accompany it. The OST includes four songs, all of which are perfectly placed in each scene to accentuate different moods, ranging from humorous to romantic in “Hi Venus.” The insert songs “Fortunate to Meet You” by Claire Guo and “Time Engraved in My Heart” by Zhao Bei Er highlight the heartwarming and sweet scenes between Zhao Xi and Shi Lan beautifully. Another excellent track is Qian Xi’s opening theme song “With You,” a romantic English ballad depicting the OTP’s deep feelings. Joseph Zeng, the male lead, also lends his voice to the ending theme song “The Joy of Having You,” a sweet upbeat song that expresses Zhao Xi’s love for Shi Lan.

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