Yoon Chan Young could be cast in a new remake of the American television show “Your Honor”!The “All of Us Are Dead” star was reported to be in an upcoming Korean remake of the American series starring Bryan Cranston, which is itself an adaptation of the Israeli show “Kvodo” on February 16.Later that day, Yoon Chan Young’s agency, Snowball Entertainment, clarified, “His casting has not yet been set, though he is currently in talks [for the role] with a favorable outlook.”In “Your Honor,” a respected judge’s teenage son accidentally kills the son of a mob boss in a hit-and-run accident. While the judge initially encourages his son to turn himself in, when he learns the identity of the teenage boy killed in the accident, he quickly changes his mind in favor of covering up the incident.Meanwhile, Yoon Chan Young will soon be seen opposite Minah from Girl’s Day in the upcoming ENA drama “Delivery Man,” which will air on March 1.Are you looking forward to seeing Yoon Chan Young in this new remake?

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