The trailer and character posters for the upcoming drama “Mask Girl” have been released!

“Mask Girl” is a new drama based on the popular webtoon of the same name about an ordinary woman named Kim Mo Mi who is self-conscious about her appearance. Every night, Kim Mo Mi works as an internet broadcasting jockey (BJ) while wearing a mask over her face. “Mask Girl” depicts the tumultuous story that unfolds when Kim Mo Mi becomes unintentionally entangled in a major incident.

Kim Mo Mi’s character will be played by three different actresses: in addition to an unnamed rookie actress, Go Hyun Jung and Nana will play Kim Mo Mi in different timelines.

The character’s three different identities are depicted in the newly released posters as Kim Mo Mi, Prisoner No. 1047, and BJ “Mask Girl.”

Nana plays Kim Mo Mi, who has changed her appearance beyond recognition as a result of an unexpected incident.

Meanwhile, Go Hyun Jung portrays Kim Mo Mi, who has been imprisoned.

The final poster depicts Kim Mo Mi as “Mask Girl,” who works as a BJ while concealing her face due to her self-consciousness about her appearance.

The trailer begins with Kim Mo Mi in prison, where she has become Prisoner No. 1047 after becoming involved in a murder case.

Prisoner No. 1047 is seen dreaming about escaping from prison in one scene, while in another, she appears repentant as she calmly prays, confessing that she has committed many sins.

The trailer also shows the sad life of ordinary office worker Kim Mo Mi. Kim Mo Mi receives a lot of love as BJ “Mask Girl” because of her incredible dancing and singing abilities, but her normal life without the mask is filled with unhappiness.

Joo Oh Nam (Ahn Jae Hong), a man obsessed with “Mask Girl,” and his mother Kim Kyung Ja (Yeom Hye Ran), who is relentlessly trying to uncover Kim Mo Mi’s past and identity, add to the chaos.

Watch the full trailer below!

The Netflix original film “Mask Girl” will premiere on August 18.

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