The highly anticipated Netflix brain survival game show “The Devil’s Plan” has an official release date!

“The Devil’s Plan,” created by “The Genius” and “The Great Escape” producer Jung Jong Yeon, is Netflix’s new survival game show in which 12 players from various professions gather for a week-long camp where they’ll compete and test their limits through mind-bending games and challenges to win the ultimate prize of 500 million won (approximately $380,000) and be crowned the ultimate brain.

Actor Ha Seok Jin, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, announcer Lee Hye Sung, actress Lee Si Won, comedian and actress Park Kyung Lim, Guillaume Patry, and others are among the contestants.

The newly released poster features the program’s masked host as well as the intriguing caption, “The devil’s plan to test you.” The various scribbles behind the host also pique the participants’ interest, hinting at the unexpected games and challenges that await them.

The teaser previews the 12 contestants entering the “Game Town” for the first time. The participants are locked inside the game room for a full week with no contact with the outside world. The participants exhibit suspicion, confusion, and even tears as they take on complex challenges and mind-bending games, promising nail-biting suspense that piques viewers’ interest.

“I’ve long had the desire to create a brain survival program with a format that is as rational and entertaining as possible,” said PD Jung Jong Yeon of the show’s creation. When people find themselves acting or thinking in ways that are out of character for them, they frequently wonder, ‘Did I really have such thoughts?’ ‘The Devil’s Plan’ is a show that raises such concerns.”

The Netflix original film “The Devil’s Plan” will premiere on September 26.

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