1. Joy of Life: Season 2 · 庆余年2
  • Also known as: Qing Yu Nian 2
  • Period Background: Alternative reality
  • Genres: Wuxia, Political, Romance, Action, Comedy
  • Main Role: Zhang Ruo Yun as Fan Xian, Li Qin as Lin Wan’er, Chen Dao Ming as Emperor of Qing, Wu Gang as Chen Ping Ping

Joy of Life: Season 2 will bring an even more stirring story, as Fan Xian’s challenges continue to escalate after the ups and downs of the previous life and death, while many characters from the first season return and new roles will be introduced to the audience.

2. The Longest Promise · 玉骨遥

  • Also known as: Jade Bone Ballad, Yu Gu Yao
  • Period Background: Alternative reality
  • Genres: Wuxia, Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Romance
  • Main Role: Xiao Zhan as Shi Ying, Ren Min as Zhu Yan

“The Longest Promise” is based on Cang Yue’s novel “Zhu Yan”.

The plot revolves around the love story between Shi Ying, a royal prince, whose mother was framed, and Zhu Yan, a princess of the Chi Yi Tribe. Shi Ying is exiled to Jiu Yi Mountain to train, bent on cultivation, but he begins to develop romantic feelings for his disciple, Zhu Yan.

Due to their teacher-student relationship, neither of them reveal their hearts to each other. But when the Kong Sang Continent undergoes a life-and-death test, can they finally put aside their concerns and protect their home?

3. Legend of Anle · 安乐传

  • Also known as: An Le Zhuan
  • Period Background: Alternative reality
  • Genres: Historical, Wuxia, Romance
  • Main Role: Dilraba Dilmurat as Ren An Le, Gong Jun as Han Ye, Liu Yu Ning as Luo Ming Xi

“Legend of Anle” is adapted from the novel “Di Huang Shu” by Xing Ling.

Di Zi Yuan, a righteous woman with a heart for the people, but her family was struck by a sudden change in fortune. She changes her name to Ren An Le and decides to do what she can to help the people who have suffered from the war, hoping to create a peaceful home for them, while at the same time investigating the truth and hoping to clear her family’s name.

Ren An Le enters the imperial palace and is also appreciated by Crown Prince Han Ye, becoming his staff member. She admires Prince Han Ye’s compassion for the common people and slowly develops feelings for him, but she is still haunted by her past and cannot let go of her past grudges. Han Ye, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to settle their differences……

4. Immortal Samsara · 沉香如屑

  • Also known as: Chen Xiang Ru Xie, Agarwood Like Crumbs
  • Period Background: Alternative reality
  • Genres: Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy, Romance
  • Main Role: Yang Zi as Yan Dan, Cheng Yi as Tang Zhou, Zhang Rui as Yu Mo

“Immortal Samsara” is adapted from Su Mo’s novel of the same name, and mainly tells the story of the love entanglement between Yan Dan and Yu Mo.

5. Love Never Fails · 落花时节又逢君

  • Also known as: “When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again”
  • Period Background: Alternative reality
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Xianxia
  • Main Role: Crystal Yuan as Hong Ning, Liu Xue Yi as Jin Xiu

“Love Never Fails” is based on the novel of the same name by Shu Ke, which is about a love story between tea flower demon Hong Ning and Jin Xiu of King of the Central Heavens.

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