The trailer for the highly anticipated series “Immortal Samsara” has been released.

zeedaxzJune 6, 2022

The period drama Immortal Samsara starred Yang Zi () and Cheng Yi (), and the xianxia drama was shortlisted by CCTV as one of the to-watch productions. However, a recent 12-minute trailer sparked fan outrage due to the poor quality of its dubbing work – with the actors’ original voices overlapping with the dubbed voices – and the reveal of the entire plot progression, which “left little to viewers’ imagination.”


Chinese title: 沉香如屑 / Chen Xiang Ru Xie
English title: Immortal Samsara aka Agarwood Like Crumbs

Genre:  Xianxia, romance

Director:  Guo Hu, Ren Hai Tao


Broadcast Date: 


Yang Zi as Yan Dan
Cheng Yi as Ying Yuan / Tang Zhou
Wang Zi Wei as Shen Xiangjun
Zhang Yan as Old Master Shen
Zhang Ping Juan as Madame Hu

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