Netflix’s “Squid Game 2” producers have apologized following a controversy surrounding the drama’s recent shoot at Incheon International Airport.

On July 11, an anonymous user complained about their interaction with a “Squid Game 2” staff member the day before on an online community. The person wrote that while the show was filming at Incheon International Airport, a staff member rudely prevented people from using a public escalator.

Instead of explaining the situation or politely asking people to use the elevator, the individual went on to say that the staff member had irritably ordered them in a commanding tone, “Go back.”

Later that day, as the controversy surrounding the post grew, the producers of “Squid Game 2” apologized for the incident.

“We saw the post about a citizen experiencing discomfort during Season 2 of ‘Squid Game’ filming at Incheon International Airport on July 10,” they said. “While we did our best to keep citizens informed about the on-site situation during the shoot, we apologize for making people uncomfortable.”

“We sincerely thank the citizens who understood [our situation during] the shoot, and we will be even more careful during filming in the future,” they added.

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