GQ Korea’s cover features Song Joong Ki!Song Joong Ki stands out in the photo with his mature yet youthful demeanor, which he also demonstrated in his role in JTBC’s hit drama “Reborn Rich” last year.Previously, in December 2022, the actor surprised fans with the news of his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy. “If I had to explain what kind of a person Katy is, I can tell you lots of stories about what a nice person she is,” Song Joong Ki said in an interview following the photo shoot. But, because today’s interview is time and space limited, I won’t be able to tell you everything. Simply put, she is a friend who inspires me in many ways. For example, I frequently have thoughts and philosophies, and she is a woman who convinces me that they are correct. [She is] a friend who frequently says to me, ‘That sounds like you.'”

Song Joong Ki also addressed the rumor that his wife is a single mother. “At first, I was fine,” the actor explained. It was a daily occurrence for us, and even if many people were aware of it, our love would not change. But as the ridiculous stories continued, I became irritated. None of the rumors were true, except for the name of the university she attended (Milan Bocconi University).”

“When my anger was growing, Katy told me, ‘You don’t have to be angry with these people,'” Song Joong Ki added. I can’t say much about it here, but she’s the type of person who does. She steers me in the right direction and balances me out.”

“That day, I registered our marriage and went straight to the script reading and gosa (a traditional Korean ritual to pray for good luck when starting a big event) site for the film ‘My Name is Loh Kiwan,” Song Joong Ki recalled to his fans. Katy and I shared a late dinner after we finished work. That was a very hectic day.”

The full photo shoot and interview with Song Joong Ki will be published in the March issue of GQ Korea.

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