Joy from Red Velvet will be taking a break from her activities due to health issues.

SM Entertainment made the following announcement about Red Velvet’s Joy’s temporary hiatus on April 26.


We’d like to update you on Red Velvet member Joy’s health and her participation in upcoming activities.

Joy recently visited a hospital due to her poor health, and the medical staff advised her that she needed treatment and rest after consultation and examination.

As a result, Joy intends to take a break from her scheduled activities for the time being in order to focus on her health.

We apologize to fans for causing them concern, and we ask for their understanding that this decision was made after careful consideration for Joy’s health.

We will do our best to ensure that Joy can once again greet fans in good health, and we will notify you as soon as Joy’s return to activities is decided.

Thank you.

 we wish you a speedy recovery!

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