On the most recent episode of “Weekly Idol,” Xdinary Heroes performed a live-band cover of BTS!

The JYP Entertainment group appeared as guests on the MBC every 1 variety show on April 26th, where they premiered their new title track “Freaking Bad” and played fun games with the show’s new MCs.

Xdinary Heroes prepared a cover of BTS’s hit song “Dynamite” for the show’s signature “Weekly Playlist” segment.

“Our music is typically hard-hitting and heavy, with a strong rock sound,” Gun-il explained. “However, the weather is about to get hot, so we wanted to beat the heat with a cool and groovy song.” That’s why we decided to put our stamp on BTS’s ‘Dynamite.'”

Later in the show, the Xdinary Heroes split up into teams and competed in a physically demanding version of karaoke. Each team was required to sing a song while using microphones attached to workout equipment—or, in the case of one team member, while doing the splits on the floor.

O.de, Jungsu, and Gun-il took on the challenge to the tune of Stray Kids’ “Thunderous,” while the other team—Jooyeon, Gaon, and Jun Han—sang PSY’s “Champion.”

You can also watch Xdinary Heroes perform their own title track “Freaking Bad” for the first time below!

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