Mimi from Oh My Girl will be a permanent panelist on “Heart Signal 4”!

“Heart Signal” is a Channel A romance variety series in which eight strangers live together in the same house for a month. A panel of panelists with varying dating and love experiences supervises their time together.

“Heart Signal” is gearing up for a fourth season after wrapping up its third season in 2020. Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Sang Min, and Kim Ea Na were confirmed as returning panelists last week, while Mimi will be a new addition to the regular panel.

“Mimi has emerged as a representative icon of the MZ generation with her outspoken and honest charm,” said the “Heart Signal 4″ production team. In ‘Heart Signal 4,’ we believe she will be the one to point out the new heart signals that are unique to the MZ generation, represent and analyze their view of love, and demonstrate her charm as the straightforward youngest member.”

“Heart Signal 4” is set to premiere in May. Keep an eye out for updates!

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