The cast of Netflix’s new series “The Bequeathed” has been announced!”The Bequeathed” depicts a series of foreboding events that occur to Yoon Seo Ha as she inherits a seonsan (a mountain where one’s ancestor’s grave is located) left by her uncle, the existence of whom she was unaware.Yeon Sang Ho, who planned and created projects such as “Train to Busan,” “Hellbound,” and “Method,” was involved in the drama’s planning and screenplay. It will also be directed by Min Hong Nam, who previously worked as an assistant director with Yeon Sang Ho on “Train to Busan,” “Psychokinesis,” and “Peninsula.”Kim Hyun Joo will reprise his role as Yoon Seo Ha, the heir to the seonsan, and will reunite with director Yeon Sang Ho after filming “Hellbound” with him. Yoon Seo Ha is a character who becomes embroiled in an ominous incident after inheriting the seonsan following her uncle’s untimely death.Choi Sung Joon, a detective with a keen sense of investigation, will be played by Park Hee Soon. His intuition tells him that the series of ominous events taking place in town are connected to the seonsan’s inheritance, and he begins investigating the case.Park Byung Eun will play Park Sang Min, a squad chief and Sung Joon’s junior colleague. Park Sang Min holds grudges against Choi Sung Joon and is possessed by feelings of inferiority and jealousy as a result of a previous incident.Ryu Kyung Soo will play Kim Young Ho, Yoon Seo Ha’s half-brother. Kim Young Ho appears in front of Yoon Seo Ha and confuses her, creating suffocating tension throughout the story.”The Bequeathed” will begin filming as soon as the cast is complete. Stay tuned for more information!

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