Jisoo, a former member of TAHITI, is expecting a child!

Jisoo announced her pregnancy on Instagram on June 1 with an adorable video. Shots of her positive pregnancy test, baby socks, a keychain for pregnant women, ultrasound photos, and other items are included in the video.

Check out Jisoo’s caption below!

As an Instagram addict, I’ve been negligent.
(I reflect..as I used to say I would upload this and that to Instagram once I got pregnant haha)

More than I thought…daily life of early pregnancy is hard because of morning sickness and energy loss.
(I respect all the mothers of the world!!)

The baby’s nickname is “Bbosoongie”~~~~
Their conception dream was a paaaale peach.

While I’m still spending my days chaotically
I’m quietly uploading this as I want to brag about #Bbosoongie

Online aunts and uncles, please watch over Bbosoongie’s significant growth.

Jisoo made her debut with the girl group TAHITI in 2012 and left in 2017. She is currently a Pilates instructor. Jisoo personally confirmed her marriage to a non-celebrity in July 2021.

Jisoo and her family deserve congratulations!

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