“Unlock My World” by fromis_9 is their first full-length album!

Fromis_9 held a press conference ahead of their highly anticipated return, where they discussed the meaning behind their first full-length album “Unlock My World” and title track “#menow.”

Lee Saerom stated at the press conference, “Since it’s our first full-length album, we really wanted to show good music.” “Since it’s a full-length album, it’s an album that holds our great passion and affection,” Lee Seoyeon added. I believe that honest conversation gave us the courage to tell our story in front of the public and our fans.”

“Like the title of the title track, we focused on the’me’ who is confident and the’me’ who I love,” Lee Chaeyoung said of the title track, emphasizing their intention to share an honest conversation with fans through their music.

Roh Jiseon elaborated on the meaning of “#menow,” saying, “We thought about it for a long time because it is very meaningful because it is our first full-length album.” We decided to express’myself’ as a topic after much deliberation. We felt that using the word’myself’ would convey our sincerity and growth.”

Compared to their previous summer song “Stay This Way,” Baek Jiheon stated, “If [‘Stay This Way’] is a summer song that captures the cheerful vibes of summer, this song has more delicate feelings on first listen, which I enjoyed.” It captures a refreshing story of’me’ within a detailed melody, rather than just being a cheerful summer song.”

“During the music video, there’s a scene where we speed down the road, and I remember us running while looking at each other,” Park Jiwon explained. We had so much fun filming that we laughed out loud. That’s when I realized how well our teamwork is.”

“We discussed extensively while preparing for our full-length album,” Baek Jiheon continued. We had many discussions over meals together. The eight members sat face to face and discussed how to express the album. I believe we have advanced one step further. We’ve grown as a team.”

“I was looking forward to the music video [filming] because there was dancing in the synopsis,” Song Hayoung said. I’m a hip hop major, so I expected hip hop, but it was more of a classical dance,” she said, adding that she felt she had also leveled up after seeing the results of her dance practice.

“The director suggested a dance battle, so we had a lot of fun amongst ourselves while filming,” Lee Nagyung added. Please also watch the cookie video at the end.”

fromis_9 also discussed how the units performed their unit songs. “The unit combinations are based on which members well-suited the song concept when considering their voices or visuals,” Lee Chaeyoung explained, adding that their strength as a team when all together is their synergy.

“When listening to our song, the lyrics are easily heard, and I have often heard that it feels as if a story is unfolding right before the listener’s eyes,” she continued. Our team’s strength, I believe, is that the song appears exactly as it does in front of people’s eyes.”

fromis_9 will release their first full-length album, “Unlock My World,” as well as a music video for the title track, “#menow.”

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