The cast of TVING’s upcoming drama “Queen Woo” (literal title) has been announced!

“Queen Woo” is a chase action sageuk (historical drama) that follows the story of Queen Woo, who becomes the target of five tribes seeking authority and princes vying for the throne after the King’s sudden death. Within 24 hours, Queen Woo is struggling to find a new King.

As previously announced, Jeon Jong Seo will play Woo Hee, a Goguryeo queen who possesses both beauty and intelligence but was born into a humble family and thus lacks authority. The only person she can rely on in the desolate palace is King Go Nam Moo, but her husband is in a desperate crisis, threatening both her and her family’s authority.

Kim Moo Yeol will play Eul Pa So, Goguryeo’s prime minister and generalissimo of the King’s military, who overcame his weakness and rose through the ranks to become the generalissimo. Eul Pa So is in charge of state affairs with King Go Nam Moo’s trust, and he is a figure who struggles between his loyalty to the King and his desire for power.

Ji Chang Wook will play Woo Hee’s husband and Goguryeo King Gogukcheon. Go Nam Moo is a Goguryeo King who had the foresight to lead 5,000 soldiers to victory over 30,000 Han Dynasty soldiers. He is the ideal King, full of dignity and kindness, but his absence quickly brings blood to the palace.

Jung Yoo Mi portrays Woo Hee’s sister, Woo Soon, who is famous for her beauty even in the North, where Queens have been produced for generations. However, she loses the position of Queen to her younger sister due to a single moment’s decision. In order to find a new fate inside the palace, she becomes a lady-in-waiting for Woo Hee.

Lee Soo Hyuk will play Go Bal Ki, one of three princes vying for the Goguryeo throne, heightening the tension in the struggle for power. Park Ji Hwan will also play Mu Gol, the head of the royal guard who reports directly to the King.

“Queen Woo” will be released in 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

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