Ji Chang Wook has gracefully turned down an opportunity to headline the upcoming Korean version of “La Mante.”On January 9, TenAsia disclosed that Ji Chang Wook was initially slated to take on the male lead role in the forthcoming series adaptation of “La Mante.”However, in response to the news, a spokesperson from his agency, Spring Company, clarified, “While Ji Chang Wook did receive an offer to star in ‘La Mante,’ he regrettably had to decline due to conflicting schedule commitments.”Meanwhile, as of November, there were discussions about Go Hyun Jung possibly assuming the lead role in the series. A representative from her agency, IOK Company, shared, “She is presently reviewing the offer to participate in ‘La Mante.’ It is among the projects she is considering.”Adapted from the French thriller series with the same title, “La Mante” narrates the tale of a woman who has been incarcerated as a serial killer for an extended period. As a sequence of murders, echoing her distinct modus operandi, unfolds, the police approach her to seek assistance in solving the cases.

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