Disney+ has released fresh promotional images for their upcoming series “The Worst of Evil”!

“The Worst of Evil” is a crime-action drama set in the 1990s about an investigation conducted to bring down a big cartel located in Gangnam that is responsible for the illegal drug trafficking between Korea, Japan, and China.

Ji Chang Wook will play Park Joon Mo, a detective who goes undercover to join the Gangnam Alliance and earn the trust of mafia boss Jung Ki Chul, played by Wi Ha Joon, in the new series. Jung Ki Chul is the merciless Gangnam Alliance leader who will go to any length to obtain success. Their paths cross on the frontlines of a high-stakes mission, setting the stage for a fiery confrontation.

The complex relationship between Park Joon Mo and Jung Ki Chul is central to the drama. Jung Ki Chul’s choice to welcome Park Joon Mo into the Gangnam Alliance represents a dramatic shift in their relationship, bouncing between trust and distrust after their intense first encounter. Im Se Mi, who will play Yoo Eui Jung, an outstanding narcotics officer who is both Park Joon Mo’s wife and Jung Ki Chul’s first love, will complicate the narrative and deliver an absorbing and captivating storyline that will thoroughly captivate viewers.

“The key focus was the relationships between these characters,” director Han Dong Wook added. Even in action sequences, I wanted the characters’ emotions to take precedence over technical acrobatics.”

“The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27.

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