Honey Lee has new stills in “Killing Romance”!

The upcoming comedy film “Killing Romance,” directed by Lee Won Suk and written by Park Jeong Ye of “The Beauty Inside,” tells the story of a top celebrity who abruptly announces her retirement from the entertainment industry and her fateful encounter with a chaebol from a distant island. However, after meeting a devoted fan (Gong Myung), they join forces to plan the most spectacular comeback for her. The film, as the title suggests, promises no romance and plenty of laughs.

Honey Lee will play Yeo Rae, a top star who becomes a public laughingstock due to her bad acting and eventually decides to retire. She travels to a South Pacific island and falls in love with chaebol Jonathan Na (Lee Sun Gyun), who made his fortune on his own. Throughout her marriage, however, she finds herself gradually changing as a result of Jonathan’s insane obsession.

The newly released stills, which are assumed to be scenes from a film and an advertisement in which Yeo Rae appears, capture the distinct atmosphere and charm of Honey Lee, who transforms into Yeo Rae.

“The keyword for the role of Yeo Rae in ‘Killing Romance,’ according to director Lee Won Suk, is beauty,” he said. Honey Lee, I believe, is a suitable actress to be in charge of that beauty. I believed she would perfectly express the joys and sorrows of ‘Killing Romance,’ as she is an actress with a broad [acting] range that includes drama and comedy.”

The premiere of “Killing Romance” is set for April 14. Watch out!

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