A new teaser for TVING’s upcoming original drama “All That We Loved” has been released!

“All That We Loved” is a teen romance drama about a love triangle formed when two best friends, one of whom has donated a kidney to the other, both fall for the same high school transfer student.

Sehun from EXO plays Go Yoo, an energetic basketball player who likes to skip class. Jo Joon Young plays Go Joon Hee, a chic but reserved top student who is best friends with Go Yoo, and Jang Yeo Bin plays Han So Yeon, a mysterious transfer student who will pique the two boys’ interest.

The teaser begins by displaying Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee’s bickering chemistry. The two best friends are chatting loudly in the sick bay when transfer student Han So Yeon walks in and asks them to quiet down. They both stare at her, speechless, with facial expressions that suggest they both fell in love with her at first sight, building viewers’ anticipation for the rest of the story.

Meanwhile, after receiving a kidney from Go Yoo, Go Joon Hee develops Cellular Memory Syndrome. There is a lot of speculation about how this will affect their friendship.

From Cyworld (Korean social networking service) to MP3s, “All That We Loved” has viewers reminiscing about their adolescence just by watching the teaser.

Watch the full teaser below!

The first and second episodes of “All That We Loved” will be released on April 5.

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