Tonight’s episode of JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” has revealed some moody stills of Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu!

“My Liberation Notes,” directed by Kim Seok Yoon and written by Park Hae Young of “My Mister” and “Another Oh Hae Young,” is a JTBC drama about three siblings who want to escape their suffocating lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider arrives in their town. Son Seok Gu plays the alcoholic outsider who unexpectedly changes their lives, while Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El play the three frustrated siblings.


In the previous episode, viewers were ecstatic when Yeom Mi Jung and Mr. Gu kissed as their relationship blossomed. Despite Chairman Shin’s (Kim Min Sang’s) orders to return to his place, Mr. Gu chose Yeom Mi Jung, and he revealed his true feelings for her with the words, “I revere you.” He smiled and exhaled a sigh of relief after making his confession.

However, new stills show a very different atmosphere than Mr. Gu’s confession. Their solemn expressions make viewers wonder what conversations might have taken place. The hardened expressions on their faces suggest an unexpected incident. Mr. Gu lowers his head, and Yeom Mi Jung walks back to her house, sad. What is the significance of her tears?

In the midst of all of this, Mr. Gu receives an unexpected visitor: a coworker from the club where he worked. He gives Mr. Gu a frustrated look, but Mr. Gu just leans against the car, worried. There appears to be a change in his expression, as if foreshadowing what is to come.

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