“Again My Life” has revealed a sneak peek of what Lee Joon Gi and his crew have planned for this week!

“Again My Life” is a drama about a talented prosecutor who is given a second chance at justice after failing to bring a powerful individual to justice the first time. Lee Joon Gi plays Kim Hee Woo, a dedicated prosecutor who was wrongfully killed while investigating a corrupt politician, but who unexpectedly travels back 15 years in time after being given a second chance at life.

Previously, viewers were captivated by the thrilling fight between Kim Hee Woo and Jo Tae Seob in “Again My Life” (Lee Kyung Young). Kim Hee Woo banded together with Hwang Jin Yong (Yoo Dong Geun), the leader of the Dae Han Party in direct opposition to Tae Seob, and shook the political stage with a list of assemblymen who received bribes and sexual favors and had their relatives and children draft-dodge. However, Jo Tae Seob was able to turn the crisis into an opportunity, and Kim Hee Woo and his team will fight back even harder in the coming episodes.

The newly released stills heighten expectations for even more spectacular plot development. In one scene, Kim Hee Woo and Lee Min Soo (Jung Sang Hoon) are having a serious conversation while reading a newspaper, and their expressions are solemn. Another photo shows Kim Hee Woo warmly smiling at Jeon Seok Kyu (Kim Cheol Gi), raising questions about what kind of plan Kim Hee Woo will implement next.

The next episode preview revealed that Kim Hee Woo and his team will create a schism between Jo Tae Seob and Kim Seok Hoon (Choi Kwang Il), potentially introducing new variables into this intricate game of justice.

Kim Hee Woo and his team will try to split up Jo Tae Seob and Kim Seok Hoon in episodes 11 and 12, according to the drama’s production team, by using Jo Tae Seob’s fund management plan Bando Bank and Kim Seok Hoon’s JQ Construction. “Like Kim Hee Woo’s wish, please watch to see if he and his crew can start by creating a small crack to break down a massive dam,” they added.

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