New stills from ENA’s “Longing for You” featuring Kim Ji Eun and Ren have been released!

“Longing for You” is a mystery drama starring Na In Woo as Oh Jin Sung, a detective who uncovers hidden family secrets while investigating a murder case in which his younger brother Oh Jin Woo (Ren) is a suspect. Kim Ji Eun co-stars as prosecutor Ko Young Joo, Oh Jin Sung’s best friend, and Kwon Yool plays prosecutor Cha Young Woon, the only son of the Jinjin Group family.


It was previously revealed that Go Young Joo’s relationship with brothers Oh Jin Sung and Oh Jin Woo is more than just a friendship. Even after her senior prosecutor Cha Young Woon named Oh Jin Woo as a suspect in a serial murder case based on a variety of evidence, Young Joo cared for and trusted Jin Woo as if he were her own younger brother. Young Joo, on the other hand, was taken aback when she discovered photos of women’s ankles in Jin Woo’s camera.

In the midst of this, new photos show Go Young Joo and Oh Jin Woo from their school days. Young Joo, dressed in her school uniform, stares blankly at the sea, her face covered in bruises, against the backdrop of crashing waves.

Oh Jin Woo looks sadly at Ko Young Joo and hugs her from behind in more stills below. Soon after, Young Joo sobs, piqueing viewers’ interest in learning what happened to the two in the past.

“Go Young Joo loves Oh Jin Woo as much as she loves her friend Oh Jin Sung,” the production team said. The three have such a strong bond that when Oh Jin Woo was arrested as a murder suspect, they insisted on his innocence despite the evidence. The reason for Go Young Joo’s deep trust in Oh Jin Woo, as well as their stories, will be revealed in the upcoming broadcast. There will be another twist with an unexpected development, so please stay tuned for the broadcast.”

The next “Longing for You” episode will air on August 2 at 9 p.m. KST.

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