In “Live Your Own Life,” Uee and her unruly younger brother will face off in an explosive confrontation.

The lead role in the upcoming KBS drama “Live Your Own Life” is played by Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, a kind-hearted personal trainer and selfless daughter who has always put the needs of her family above her own—until she finally decides to break away from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness. Kang Tae Ho, the director of a conglomerate group’s planning division, is portrayed by Ha Jun.


In a previous episode of “Living Your Own Life,” Lee Hyo Shim pushed herself to the limit in order to repay the private debts taken out by her careless family members.

Hyo Shim painstakingly cared for her injured mother while working additional jobs, but despite all of her selfless efforts, her unappreciative family never showed her even the slightest sign of appreciation. Hyo Shim was eventually overcome with emotion after her mother continued to shamelessly bug her about caring for her siblings and her eldest brother even retaliated against her for interfering with his studies.

The irate Hyo Shim will ultimately change his mind in the drama’s upcoming episode. She thinks it’s time to start living her life differently after years of being bullied by her family, and the first thing on her agenda is to give her troublemaking youngest brother Hyo Do (Kim Doh Yon) a lesson.

Hyo Shim leads him to the ring where the two siblings end up sparring in order to teach Hyo Do this crucial lesson. Hyo Shim is dressed casually, in contrast to Hyo Do, who is geared out in protective gear, yet having a fierce determination in her gaze.

Hyo Shim, who has patiently tolerated all of the messes that her mother and younger brother have made, and who has only ever cleaned up after them, decides to teach him a lesson—and her method of choice is sparring, according to the “Live Your Own Life” producers. Hyo Do is not a simple opponent, though. He is prepared to avoid defeat in order to preserve his manly ego. The brother and sister will engage in spectacular hand-to-hand combat. To find out who will win, please tune in.

On October 8 at 8:05 p.m. KST, the fifth episode of “Living Your Own Life” will show.

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