A brand-new poster for “Vigilante,” a Disney+ original series, has been unveiled.

Based on the same-named webtoon, “Vigilante” tells the tale of Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk), a model police university student who maintains the law during the day but turns vigilante at night, using force to hunt down criminals who have eluded capture.

Kim Ji Yong’s body is depicted on the poster as being split into two distinct halves. The contrast between Kim Ji Yong’s left side, which is wrapped in a black hood, and his right side, which is dressed in a police uniform, demonstrates his duality as a vigilante who judges fugitives from the law by night and a model police university student by day. The vigilante’s fierce drive and conviction for criminals who have eluded the police are demonstrated by the blood and scars on one side of his face and the coldness in his eyes.

On the other hand, his other side displays Kim Ji Yong, a model police student who is entirely different from the vigilante, clad in a clean police uniform and gazing straight ahead. The phrase “From now on, I shall judge again” on the billboard appears to allude to the vigilante’s unconventional strategy of taking issues into his own hands and administering his own brand of justice to criminals. Fans are interested to see how Nam Joo Hyuk would interpret the nuanced personality of Kim Ji Yong.

“Vigilante” is set to premiere on November 8.

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