“Live Your Own Life” on KBS 2TV has released an adorable sneak peek of its upcoming episode!

“Live Your Own Life” stars Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, a warmhearted personal trainer and selfless daughter who has always put her family’s needs ahead of her own—until she decides to break free from her leech-like family and pursue her own happiness. Ha Jun plays Kang Tae Ho, the director of a conglomerate group’s planning division, while Go Joo Won plays his cousin and ultimate rival Kang Tae Min.


Lee Hyo Shim and Kang Tae Ho go on a romantic date at an ice skating rink in newly released stills from the drama’s next episode. Although Hyo Shim excels at almost everything, it turns out she lacks one skill: ice skating. For the first time in their relationship, strict trainer Hyo Shim receives a lesson from Tae Ho rather than the other way around.

Tae Ho comforts the nervous Hyo Shim and affectionately leads her on the ice as he teaches her how to skate after lacing up her skates for her. Soon, a happy smile spreads across Hyo Shim’s face as she gets the hang of it while clutching Tae Ho for support.

“As Hyo Shim and Tae Ho’s love gradually matures, Tae Ho finally learns that the shocking secret surrounding his grandmother Myung Hee has been revealed and comes to a realization,” the “Live Your Own Life” production team teased. As a result, he intends to enter the line of succession, which he had never considered before, in order to restore the Taesan that his grandmother created to its original state.”

“Please look forward to seeing the results of Tae Ho’s awakening,” they went on to say, “along with an exciting chaebol family war.”

The next “Live Your Own Life” episode will air on January 6 at 8:05 p.m. KST.

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