Written by Kim Sun Deok of tvN’s “The Crowned Clown,” “Captivating the King” tells the cruel love story between King Yi In (Jo Jung Suk), a miserable king who harbors an emptiness within him despite his high position, and Kang Hee Soo (Shin Se Kyung), whose initial motive of seeking revenge against him transforms into an unexpected attraction.

Initially meeting as Prince Yi In and Kang Mong Woo, a female professional baduk (Go) player who disguises herself as a man, the two form a close bond through baduk while concealing their true identities. However, destiny takes a twist, bringing them back together in the palace—this time as a king and a spy—adding layers of complexity to their entwined destinies.

The silhouette of Prince Yi In wearing a gat (Korean traditional hat) appears behind the veil on King Yi In’s poster. The striking contrast continues with King Yi In’s charismatic and robust presence emerging through the parted veil. His firmly sealed lips and subtly melancholic eyes tell a tale of loneliness despite being in the highest position of authority. The caption, “I was captivated by you. Just as you were captivated,” reveals the intricate emotions of King

Meanwhile, Kang Hee Soo’s poster unveils a glimpse of her dual identity as Kang Mong Woo. However, stealing the spotlight is her true persona as spy Kang Hee Soo, a captivating woman with a resilient mindset and gentle charisma, poised to face off against the king. Notably, Kang Hee Soo’s cold gaze at King Yi In piques curiosity about the story behind her character. The caption, “When you love them, you wish them to live — when you despise them, you wish them to die,” offers a glimpse into Kang Hee Soo’s undercover mission as a spy who approaches King Yi In secretly for revenge.

Captivating the King” will premiere on January 21 with Episodes 1 and 2 airing consecutively.

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