The upcoming Disney+ series “The Worst of Evil” has a September premiere date!”The Worst of Evil” is a crime-action drama that follows police officer Kang Joon Mo as he embarks on an undercover mission to take down a major drug operation based in Gangnam, Korea, China, and Japan during the 1990s.

With its nostalgic depiction of Gangnam in the 1990s, the new teaser poster captivates viewers. The main characters, Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon), the Gangnam drug cartel’s leader, and undercover detective Kang Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook), exude confidence and charisma as they navigate the streets. The poster’s text reads, “In 1990s Gangnam, they ran the streets.”

While Ji Chang Wook is expected to deliver his most intense acting performance to date, Wi Ha Joon is said to have flawlessly captured the intricate layers of his mob boss role, from his determination and drive to succeed at any cost to his trust and loyalty to his organization’s members.

Ji Chang Wook said of his filming experience, “I have no regrets because I gave my all during the filming process.” It was a project that I had a lot of fun filming.”

On September 27, “The Worst of Evil” will be released.

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