The official poster for “Individual Circumstances,” the new BL drama, has been released!

“Individual Circumstances” will tell the story of Ha Yeon Woo (Han Jung Wan), a movie director who has slumped despite having debuted with a popular film, and Sung Woo Jae (Kang Jun Kyu), a famous writer who deals with the wounds left by his first love through writing web novels. When the two finally meet after a long time apart, they embark on a romance that rivals a fierce battle.

Top model and newly debuted actor Han Jung Wan will play Ha Yeon Woo, while MYNAME member and actor Kang Jun Kyu (JunQ) will play Sung Woo Jae.

In the newly released poster, Ha Yeon Woo and Sung Woo Jae look affectionately at each other as they become drenched by rain, with the text “The individual stories that are running toward the end” written above them.

“We’re looking forward to great reactions from fans all over the world to this drama that has both great visuals and a good storyline,” a source from the drama’s production company 1012 Studio said.

The drama will air on January 19th.

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