Eunha of GFRIEND and VIVIZ shared a touching childhood memory of Song Joong Ki!

Eunha surprised the cast on the January 14 episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” by revealing her past connection to the “Reborn Rich” actor.

At one point during the show, Super Junior’s Shindong mentioned that Eunha used to be a child actress before joining GIRLFRIEND.

“I was a trainee at an acting agency when I was in elementary school,” Eunha explained. “There was a time when the agency put together a team that included me and [Song Joong Ki], and we worked together.”

“I was a trainee, and since I was in elementary school and still really young, Song Joong Ki would escort me to the subway station [after practice],” she continued.

When Shindong asked if Song Joong Ki still remembered her, Eunha replied, “He probably doesn’t, because so much time has passed. This happened about 15 years ago.”

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