MBC’s “Big Mouth” has released a heart-pounding preview of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA becoming involved in a dangerous situation!

“Big Mouth” is a hard-boiled noir drama starring Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer who gets assigned to a murder case that transforms him overnight into a genius con artist known as “Big Mouse.” To survive and protect his family, the “big-mouthed” lawyer must expose a massive conspiracy among the upper crust.


Go Mi Ho (YoonA) previously infiltrated Gucheon Hospital to clear Park Chang Ho’s name and discovered something strange happening among the cancer patients on “Big Mouth.” A DNR order is only in effect for patients admitted to the cancer ward on the seventh floor. Even more suspicious was the fact that a guardian of a patient on the same floor had asked her to “save her husband.” Furthermore, Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon) urged Go Mi Ho to leave the hospital because her husband is “Big Mouse,” but she steadfastly refused.

Park Yoon Gap (Jung Jae Sung), a prison ward, threatened Park Chang Ho, saying, “They won’t leave your family alone.” They can get rid of them in an instant and no one will ever know.”

Viewers are reminded of Park Yoon Gap’s threat by the newly released stills. An unidentified stranger follows Go Mi Ho in the photos, eliciting fear. Go Mi Ho becomes wary of her surroundings after noticing the suspicious man.

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