K-pop is known for its enthralling group performances, but many members of groups have also demonstrated their individual talents on solo tracks. This year has been no exception, with several idols from popular K-pop groups making solo comebacks or debuts in 2023, wowing us with their individual talents and ability to stand out on their own. The following are seven such solo songs that made our jaws drop. Prepare to see these artists shine!

EXO’s Kai – “Rover”

The song “Rover” is about a person who rejects society’s expectations of them and embraces life as a “wanderer.” Its lyrics encourage listeners to embrace this newfound freedom—an incredibly powerful message. “Rover” proclaims an unfathomable yet thrilling new existence—and need we mention that the song leaves plenty of room for Kai’s trademark jaw-dropping performance? In the music video for this powerful dance track, you can see his legendary stage presence:

BTS’s Jimin – “Like Crazy”

The lyrics and haunting melody of this synthesizer pop single numb the senses. These two elements alone are enough to make “Like Crazy,” the title track from Jimin’s solo debut album, completely unforgettable. The song “Like Crazy” is about losing a significant other when a relationship ends. Instead of confronting the truth, this chart-topping song expresses a desire to avoid it. The metallic and classic 1980s sound transports listeners to a dreamworld filled with the awe of an alternate reality.


This stunning gift of a song incorporates elements of pop, dance, and trap. Lyrically, “FLOWER” describes overcoming an unhealthy relationship by leaving only the scent of a flower behind. The lyrics demonstrate a bravery in walking away from bad relationships that is truly impressive: we are often anxious to leave negativity behind, but it takes real strength to do so at times.

NCT’s Mark – “Golden Hour”

“Golden Hour” left us speechless because it was both a proud anthem and a hilarious inside joke: Mark jokes about his viral online moment, a failed cooking attempt that was shown to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Mark’s self-assurance and ability to make fun of himself are admirable. The single’s impactful guitar and drum sounds place it in the hip hop genre. And, yes, Gordon Ramsey did respond to Mark’s call!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang – “Seed”

This piano ballad is simple yet beautiful: the melody is soothing, and the message is something to which everyone can relate. “Seed” is all about reflecting on the sentimental past while also acknowledging the desire to move forward. The song is about a fresh start and the birth of new things, all while longing to be by someone’s side. “Seed” is breathtakingly beautiful for its realistic portrayal of human emotions, and Taeyang excels with this masterpiece.

GOT7’s Jinyoung – “Cotton Candy”

Jinyoung stunned us with his incredible songwriting and silky smooth vocals in “Cotton Candy.” The song expresses his love for those who openly love and support him, expressing how much joy they bring him and requesting that they remain by his side. “Cotton Candy” is a pop single that combines piano, bass, and synthesizer sounds while showcasing Jinyoung’s incredible talents. He has such a natural ability to express himself through music!

Yuju – “Without U”

We’re drawn to the open and honest manner in which this former GFRIEND member shares her life through music in “Without U” as a songwriter. The song is dedicated to loved ones you can’t live without and discusses attempting to move on from someone from the past or a previous relationship. Yuju wrote the lyrics while thinking about her love of music, which is very touching. It’s no surprise that this acoustic single is full of emotion: Yuju opens her heart through this very relatable song.

Which of these solo singles is your favorite? Is there a song that you most identify with? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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