Today is IU’s birthday, and she has a special celebration planned!

On May 16, IU posted four certificates of donations to Twitter, proving that she had given a kind gift of 250 million won (about $186,800) in honor of her birthday. Under the name “IUAENA,” which is a combination of IU and her fan club UAENA, IU donated to four different foundations: The Happiness Foundation, Heart to Heart Foundation, KUMFA (Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association), and KFSSC (Korean Foundation for Support of the Senior Citizen in Need).

“Things that I learned from UAENA, things that I felt through UAENA, and things that I received from UAENA will always be materials that get IU to move and practice [kindness],” she concluded in the caption. I cherish you. I appreciate you so much for today too.

IU had previously given the students and staff at Milal School, a special school for children with disabilities, a lunch of pizza and drinks as well as rice cakes she had made with her mother on May 5 in honor of Children’s Day (a national holiday celebrated in Korea on May 5). In addition, IU gave 100 million won (about $74,700) to ChildFund Korea, a charity to which she has been giving annually since 2015.

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