Shen Yin/The Last Immortal is the title.
Wan An Yu, Li Yun Rui, and Zhao Lusi


Ayin crossed Naihe Bridge after 27 sorrowful untimely deaths in order to demand retribution from the ghost ruler. She was informed by Xiuyan that there were only two explanations for her misfortune: either she had offended one of the gods’ great figures, or she herself was a great figure.

Ayin laughed at this, claiming that since the True God Bai Jue had passed away and the ancient world had been closed, no notable individuals existed in the Three Realms. Ayin didn’t know that Xiuyan’s response was accurate until much later. It’s unfortunate that Ayin cannot find a home in the Three Realms.

She finally understood one thing—that the demon, god, and devil didn’t survive long in the Three Realms—when she leaped into Wangchuan for the last time. She and other demons, gods, and devils born in the world will all perish.

Adapted from Xing Ling’s novel “Shen Yin” 

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