MBC’s “Numbers” has shared a sneak peek of Kim Myung Soo and Yeonwoo from INFINITE!

“Numbers” is a suspenseful revenge drama set in a major accounting firm, starring Kim Myung Soo as Jang Ho Woo, the first accountant without a college degree to join the prestigious Taeil Accounting Firm. Yeonwoo portrays Jin Yeon Ah, a cheerful senior associate at the firm who is well-versed in numbers but has no idea how frightening the world can be.


On “Numbers,” Jin Yeon Ah began assisting Jang Ho Woo with his investigations. As the two colleagues worked together, it became clear that Jin Yeon Ah had feelings for Jang Ho Woo; however, when Jang Ho Woo discovered that Jin Yeon Ah was the daughter of Jisan Bank president Jin Tae Soo (Kang Shin Il), it was unclear how this new information would affect their relationship.

There is visible tension between Jang Ho Woo and Jin Yeon Ah as they spend time together outside of the office in newly released stills from the drama’s next episode. Jang Ho Woo greets Jin Yeon Ah, who arrived first and was waiting for him at the café—but the visibly shy Jin Yeon Ah becomes adorably awkward while sipping her drink, seemingly afraid that Jang Ho Woo will notice her feelings for him.

Jin Yeon Ah looks at Jang Ho Woo with concern at another point during their meeting, demonstrating how much she cares about him.

To find out if the budding romance between these two accountants will blossom, watch the next episode of “Numbers” on July 21 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

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