The upcoming drama “Branding in Seongsu” has released exciting new stills! “Branding in Seongsu” is a romance drama that takes place in the neighborhood of Seongsu, which is the center of branding, and follows the story of the prickly marketing team leader Kang Na Eon (Kim Ji Eun) and intern So Eun Ho (Lomon) as their souls are swapped following an unintentional kiss.

The newly released stills introduce Yang Hye Ji, who plays Do Yoo Mi, and Kim Ho Young, who plays Cha Jung Woo. Do Yoo Mi is a workaholic Kang Na Eon’s close friend who entered the company at the same time. Although she initially considered Na Eon to be her role model, she develops a sense of inferiority as a result of people comparing her to her.

Cha Jung Woo, a talented art director who joined the company at the same time as the two, has had a one-sided crush on Na Eon for eight years. However, he becomes concerned when he notices intern So Eun Ho by Na Eon’s side one day.

The newly released stills show Do Yoo Mi exuding great charisma. Another image shows Do Yoo Mi taking an adorable selfie, demonstrating her high energy. Although she always maintains a positive and affectionate attitude, she also has a strong desire for success.

More stills show the ideal Cha Jung Woo, who is handsome and talented at work. He even excels at cooking, wearing an apron and looking like a charming chef. Viewers are curious about the love triangle that will emerge from Cha Jung Woo’s one-sided love.

“Branding in Seongsu” will premiere on February 5. Stay tuned!

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